11.6. Brake disk


1. Check reliability of an inhaling of the fixing screw of a disk. Rotating a disk, examine it on existence of deep scratches or flutes. If they are present, the surface of a disk needs to be ground.
2. Check the size of a beating of a brake disk.
3. Check thickness of a brake disk in several points by means of a micrometer. If the brake disk demands replacement, it is necessary to replace a brake disk of other wheel also.


1. Remove brake slips and a support of a brake.
2. For removal of a brake disk of a forward wheel turn off the fixing screw.
3. Remove a forward brake disk.
4. For removal of a brake disk of a back wheel turn off the adjusting screw of the emergency brake, turn off fixing screws.
5. Remove a back brake disk.


Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal.