11:16. Brake pedal

Brake pedal elements

1 – fixing arm

2 – clip

3 – nut

4 – washer

5 – returnable spring

6 – axis

7 – pedal


1. Remove the finishing panel under an instrument guard and remove an air branch pipe. Disconnect the socket of connection of the switch of fires of a stoplight and unscrew the switch.
2. Disconnect returnable springs of a pedal of a brake.
3. Remove a clip and get a pin, the fixing pusher of the vacuum amplifier to a brake pedal.
4. Turn off a fixing bolt and fixing nuts of an arm of a pedal and remove an arm.
5. Turn off a nut since the end of an axis of a pedal and remove a washer.
6. Remove fixing clips and get a pedal axis. Remove a pedal.


Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal.