10.8. Boots of a half shaft and external CV JOINT


1. Remove a half shaft and clamp it in a vice.
2. Bring down a casing from the external hinge.
3. Remove collars from boots.
4. Cut off old boots and clear hinges of lubricant.
5. Remove a lock ring and beat out a half shaft from the external hinge.
6. Fill the internal hinge with lubricant and establish a new boot, having fixed it by collars.
7. Put on an external boot a half shaft.
8. Install the new external hinge and fix it by means of a lock ring. Fill the hinge with lubricant.
9. Establish a boot of the external hinge into place and tighten collars.
10. Install a casing on the external hinge and replace an internal lock ring of a half shaft.
11. Install a half shaft on the car.