ef5af8e6 Fuel filter


Before work with the fuel filter wipe area around the filter and the filter; you watch that dirt and foreign particles did not get to a power supply system. Prepare the suitable capacity in which fuel from the fuel filter will be merged, and put rags around the filter for collecting the leaked fuel. You watch that diesel fuel did not get on such elements as the generator and a starter, hoses of the cooling system and fastening of the engine, and also on wires.


1. Merge fuel from the fuel filter, being guided by the instructions provided in subsection
2. Put rags around the fuel filter, then turn off the filter and remove it from a casing. If the filter is twirled densely, it can be turned off by means of the tool for removal of an oil filter.
3. Wipe the spilled fuel and remove sealing rings from the old oil filter / casing of the filter (depending on what is necessary).
4. Check that the surface of a casing of the fuel filter was pure, then establish new sealing rings from above of the new filtering element.
5. Grease new sealing rings with a small amount of fuel and twirl the new filter in a casing, having twirled it in the beginning only a hand.
6. Pump over fuel system, then start the engine and check the filter for existence of leaks.