ef5af8e6 Fuel filter

Washing of the filter with water


Before work with the fuel filter wipe area around the filter and the filter; you watch that dirt and foreign particles did not get to a power supply system. Prepare the suitable capacity in which fuel from the fuel filter will be merged, and put rags around the filter for collecting the leaked fuel. You watch that diesel fuel did not get on such elements as the generator and a starter, hoses of the cooling system and fastening of the engine, and also on wires.

1. Besides observance of the precautionary measures for collecting the leaked fuel stated above connect a tube to the drain screw on the lower party of the fuel filter. Place the second end of a tube in a jar.
2. Turn off the drain screw and wait until pure fuel, without dirt and water, follows from a tube (about 100 cm3 have to be enough). Perhaps, you should shake the pumping-up pump to merge fuel from the fuel filter.
3. Reliably twirl the drain screw and pick up the phone, remove containers and rags, having wiped the spilled fuel.
4. Upon completion of washing utilize the merged fuel. Check all affected connections for tightness after start of the engine.