2.2.2. Current maintenance

This subsection is intended to help the motorist to prolong car service life, to reduce fuel consumption and oils and to support the car in the best state.

The general plan of maintenance of the car which the podazdela describing maintenance operations in more detail follow is provided in subsection.

Carrying out maintenance according to the provided plan of maintenance will provide long and reliable service of the car. This plan of maintenance is full therefore it is recommended to perform all specified maintenance operations at the appointed time.

At service of the car you will notice that it is better to combine some operations with carrying out other operations as it follows from essence of operations of maintenance, and certain elements are located a row. For example, if you lifted the car for carrying out any operation, then elements of system of production of the fulfilled gases can be checked along with check of elements of a suspension bracket or steering.

Before work it is necessary to be prepared for carrying out maintenance. Read all description of operation which you are going to execute, and buy necessary tools and spare parts. If you faced a serious problem, address experts.

If it is from the very beginning strict to follow the plan of carrying out maintenance of the car, to regularly check the level of various liquids in the car and degree of wear of the fast-wearing-out elements, being guided by the instructions provided in this Management, the engine will be in the good working condition, and need for additional repair will practically not be.

Often happens so that the engine works badly because maintenance was irregularly carried out. It especially belongs to used cars which maintenance neglected. In this case carrying out additional repair work is necessary.

If you consider that the engine is worn-out, check of a compression or check on existence of leaks (cm. subsection and subsection 3.6.4) will provide the valuable information concerning the general condition of the majority of internal elements of the engine. Such check is base for making decision on what amount of works is necessary for restoration of the engine. If, for example, check of a compression or check on existence of leaks shows that internal elements of the engine are strongly worn-out, then carrying out the usual operations of maintenance described in this subsection will not be able to improve considerably operation of the engine, and will be only waste of time and money if previously not to carry out an engine partition.

The list of operations which need to be carried out to improve operation of the engine is given below:

Primary operations:

  – clear, check and test the accumulator;
  – check a state and level of engine oil and cooling liquid;
  – check a state and a tension of an auxiliary driving belt (see subsection;
  – check the air filter and replace it if it is necessary;
  – replace the fuel filter;
  – check a condition of all hoses and check them for tightness.

If the listed above operations are not rather effective, execute auxiliary operations – all primary operations, plus the following операции:.

  – check system of accumulator charging;
  – check system of prestarting heating;
  – check a power supply system.