8.6. Clutch plates


1. Remove the transmission.
2. Mark the provision of installation of a press disk on a flywheel.
3. In a diagonal order gradually turn off fixing bolts and remove press and a frictional disk. Not to damage a diaphragm spring, it is recommended to use the special tool (shooters specified an arrangement of fixing clips of a press disk).


1. Examine a frictional surface on existence of wear, the loosened rivets or pollution. Examine press a disk on existence of deformation, cracks, the broken plates of a diaphragm spring and wear of shliyets. Replace a disk if it is necessary.
2. Examine surfaces of a flywheel and a press disk. If they are strongly scratched or on them there are flutes or cracks, replace them.
3. Check a condition of the release bearing.


1. Wipe press a disk and a flywheel.
2. Establish a frictional disk on a flywheel by springs outside.
3. Establish press a disk and acquire fixing bolts.
4. Establish a frictional disk precisely on the center of a flywheel and casing and gradually in a diagonal order tighten fixing bolts till the required inhaling moment.