9.2.8. Automatic transmission


1. Install the gear shifting lever in neutral situation. Lift and fix a forward part of the car.
2. Disconnect the forward end of the driveshaft from the transmission and remove the shock-absorber.
3. Remove the switching rod (it is specified by an arrow) the gear shifting mechanism.
4. Weaken clips and disconnect tubes of transmission liquid of the transmission from hoses.
5. Fix hoses as it is shown in the drawing.
6. Disconnect a wire from the sensor of the conducted transmission shaft.
2,0 liters engines
7. In SOHC engines disconnect a wire from the block of distribution of ignition. Unscrew bolts of an arm of the block and remove the block.
8. Disconnect a wire of the oxygen sensor from the transmission.
9. Unscrew a bolt of an arm of forward section of an exhaust pipe and disconnect forward section from intermediate.
10. Remove arms of the engine and transmission. Remove the lower cover of the hydrotransformer.
11. Uncover the compound oil pallet to get access to the bolts connecting the hydrotransformer and a drive plate.
12. Unscrew the bolts connecting the hydrotransformer and a drive plate.
13. Establish a jack under the transmission.
14. Unscrew the bolts fixing a back cross-piece of the transmission to a body.
15. Slightly lower the transmission and disconnect a ventilating hose of the transmission.
16. Disconnect a wire of the switch of provisions the lever of switching of the socket.
17. Disconnect the wires fixed on a transmission casing.
18. Unscrew the bolts fixing the transmission to the engine.
19. Disconnect the transmission from the engine.
20. Lower the transmission on a jack.
2,5 and 3,0 liters engines
21. Remove both forward pipes of final system.
22. Uncover the oil pallet.
23. Unscrew the bolts connecting the hydrotransformer and a drive plate.
24. If necessary block a drive plate by means of the screw-driver.
25. Remove the transmission as it is described in subitem 13-20.


Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal.

Check that the hydrotransformer completely sat down on the place, the distance (X) has to equal 15 mm.


The partition of the transmission is very difficult procedure therefore for its carrying out address experts.