9.2.2. Transmission liquid

The automatic transmission has no drain opening therefore if you need to merge transmission liquid, then for this purpose it is necessary to remove the main pallet, and if necessary and intermediate.

Discharge and filling

1. Lift and fix a forward part of the car.
2. Unscrew an opening cap for check of level of liquid.
3. Merge liquid in suitable capacity.
4. Unscrew transmission pallet bolts. Remove the pallet and its laying.
5. Unscrew bolts of the intermediate pallet and remove it. Merge liquid in the capacity prepared for this purpose.
6. Unscrew fastening bolts (are specified by shooters).
7. Remove the transmission filter. Clean and examine the filter, if necessary replace it.
8. Carefully clean both pallets. Clean off metal particles from the magnet installed in the pallet. Clean carvings of bolts of pallets.
9. Install the filter and tighten its bolts.
10. Install the intermediate pallet together with new laying. Apply N15 10 181 sealant on carvings of bolts and tighten bolts till the necessary moment of an inhaling.
11. Install laying on the main pallet. Apply sealant on bolts. Install the pallet and tighten bolts.
12. Fill in transmission liquid of the necessary brand and check its level.
13. Pass small distance and again check liquid level.