5.3.7. Removal of air from a power supply system

If once the tank was emptied or if the power supply system detail was replaced, then, as a rule, the system is not pumped over as it is pumped over automatically during start-up.

If the power supply system automatically was not pumped over, it is necessary to execute the following.



During the work with system of injection observe purity.

You watch that diesel fuel did not get on hoses of cooling liquid. If necessary clear hoses.

1. Unscrew a bolt (1) of the fuel filter approximately on 2 turns.
2. Include a starter, wait until fuel flows out – substitute the tank.
3. Screw up a bolt.
4. While the starter works, all pipelines of system of injection going to a nozzle, release and again tighten with effort 25 N. of m after fuel flows out.
5. Wipe the flowed-out fuel.