5.3.6. Relay of system of preheat


1. Relay of system of preheat

2. DDE monitor

Scheme of the relay of preheat

Cover of plugs

The corresponding arrangement of plugs is on a relay cover for system of preheat.


1. Remove a casing from electronics module about the battery.
2. Press the holder's latches by means of the screw-driver and take out the relay of system of preheat.
3. Check a strip safety lock 80 A about the connecting plug, in case of malfunction replace.
4. In advance find the reasons of an overload and eliminate.
5. Unscrew a thick positive cable from the relay case.
6. Connect the battery and check tension between the plug 15 and weight.
7. Include ignition. The light-emitting diode in the device of control of tension has to light up, otherwise check transfer of tension in the ignition lock.
8. If the light-emitting diode lit up, check whether conducting to glow plugs fused, if necessary replace.
9. Otherwise replace the relay.
10. Establish a monitor casing.