5.3.10. Check / adjustment began giving of TNVD

For check the dial indicator with a nozzle for a vvinchivaniye in the pump is used.

The engine when checking has to be cooled, temperature has to be no more than +20 °C.

1. Disconnect a cable of mass of the battery.


At the same time data from memory of malfunctions and a protective code of the radio receiver are erased.

2. Unscrew the lower guard of the engine.
3. Remove an inlet collector.
4. On cars with the conditioner remove the fan with the viscous coupling.
5. Unscrew a bolt (1).
6. Screw in to the place of the unscrewed bolt a nozzle (1) (OPEL KM-226-A) and the indicator (2) (KM-571-B) and drown a plunger a little.
7. Turn a bent shaft clockwise in the provision of VMT of the 1st cylinder that the index of the indicator remained for some time in the deepest point. The beginning of turn has to be in the area from 60 ° to 90 ° before VMT.
8. The piston of the 1st cylinder costs in VMT if both cams of the 1st cylinder are turned up on a camshaft drive chain. For control remove a bulk cover and you watch cams.
9. At rotation of a bent shaft include the 5th transfer, release the emergency brake and shift the car. Or turn on the emergency brake, install the transmission in neutral situation and turn a pulley of a bent shaft with a face head for the central bolt.
10. Install the indicator in situation "0".
11. Take out a cap (1) of a motive compartment.
12. Turn a bent shaft on 2 turns that it was possible to insert a core of OPEL-813 or other suitable core (drill) through an opening in the block of cylinders into an opening in a flywheel.


Do not rotate a shaft in the opposite direction, it can lead to the wrong indication of the indicator.

13. Now the indicator has to show at a new chain of the drive of the camshaft height 0,95 ± 0,02 mm.


At a camshaft drive chain after the run of 20 000 km the indicator has to show 0,90 ± 0,02 mm.

14. If value does not correspond demanded, adjust the pump.
15. Weaken a bolt (3), without unscrewing it. Weaken nuts (1 and 2).


Unscrew nuts not strongly, literally on 2 or 3 turns to avoid jamming of a chain of the drive of the camshaft.

16. Turn TNVD until the indicator does not show the correct value.
17. Fix nuts and a bolt from the sequence with 1 on 3 with 25 N.' effort of m.
18. Remove a test core and double-check adjustment. At the same time turn a bent shaft only in the right direction.


1. Remove a test core and the indicator.
2. Establish a cap of the block of cylinders.
3. Fix the central bolt with a new sealing ring with 30 N.' effort of m.
4. Establish a cover of a bulk mouth.
5. Establish an inlet collector.
Cars with the conditioner
6. Screw the fan with the viscous coupling.
7. Screw the lower guard of the engine.
8. Connect a cable of mass of the battery.
9. Determine time on hours.
10. Set a protective code of the radio receiver.
11. Start the engine, if necessary pump over system of injection.
12. After a trial trip check tightness of the central bolt, if necessary tighten.