5.2.9. Fuel pump of high pressure

Removal and installation

1. Remove an inlet collector.
2. Disconnect the giving and returnable fuel pipes from the fuel pump of high pressure (shooters specified bolts of fastening of pipes).
3. Remove the top chain and asterisks.
4. Through an opening in the lower asterisk unscrew bolts (1) of fastening of a forward part of the fuel pump.
5. Unscrew bolts (are specified by shooters) and remove a fastening arm from a back part of the fuel pump.
6. Remove the fuel pump together with a sealing ring (it is specified by an arrow).
7. Before installation check that the safety lock in a ledge of an asterisk of the fuel pump is combined with a pump housing opening, and check that the camshaft and a bent shaft are installed in the situation corresponding to the top dead point of the first cylinder in a compression step.
8. Install a new sealing ring on the fuel pump.
9. Install the fuel pump, combining the lower asterisk of a chain with a pump ledge, and fix the pump by bolts. Establish a back arm of the fuel pump and fix by bolts.
10. Establish the top chain and asterisks.
11. Screw fuel tubes on the fuel pump.
12. Establish an inlet collector.
13. Connect the accumulator, start the engine and check tightness of fuel system.