ef5af8e6 Cooling pump

The pump of the diesel engine is put in action from a maple belt.

Ahead on a shaft of the water pump the radiator fan is screwed.


1. Merge cooling liquid.
2. Unscrew the fan with the viscous coupling (the left carving).
3. Take off maple a belt.
4. Release bolts (1) of fastening of a pulley of a maple belt. At the same time press maple a belt and you hold it in order that the pulley was not scrolled.
5. Remove a pulley from a nave.
6. Unscrew 4 bolts (1) of fastening of the pump of cooling.
7. Screw in 2 bolts (1) with M6 carving in carving openings and this most evenly squeeze out the water pump from the engine. At the same time pay attention to that the pump was not warped.


1. Take out bolts, replace a ring for the pump of cooling and manually oil silicone, for example OPEL 19 70 206 (90 167 353).
2. Install the pump with new laying and evenly screw with effort 10 N. of m.
3. Screw a belt pulley 4 bolts and fix them with 10 N.' effort of m.
4. Establish and pull maple a belt.
5. Install the viscous coupling.
6. Fill in cooling liquid and pump over system.
7. Warm up the engine and check connection of a hose, and also the cooling pump for tightness.