ef5af8e6 The fan with the viscous coupling / the fan coupling

The coupling of the fan should be replaced if inside the nave has a rust. The fan at a stop of the engine or stops, or very hard rotates. Replace the coupling also if there is an axial or radial side play. Turn the fan for check of a side play forward and back, the notable side play should not be. Also from a nave oil should not act.


1. Remove the lower guard of a motive compartment.
2. Unscrew the fan by means of a wrench of 32 mm in size from a nave of the pump of cooling liquid.


The nut has the left carving therefore it is necessary to turn it to the right (clockwise).

3. When unscrewing a nut press maple a pump belt, having hooked thus on a nave in order that it was not turned. In workshops of OPEL use the special KM-821 (1) tool which presses maple a belt to a bolt head, adaptation it is also possible to make independently of a tin.
4. After easing the nut can be unscrewed rotating a krylchatka of the fan further. Pay at the same time attention to that the krylchatka of the fan did not fall down.
5. Take out the fan down.


Do not put in horizontal position the fan with the viscous coupling, put only vertically.

6. If it is necessary, separate a krylchatka of the fan and the coupling of the fan, unscrew 3 bolts of fastening.


1. Install the viscous coupling in the fan and fix by fastening bolts with effort 10 N. m.


Not to damage a coupling carving, it is impossible to tighten fastening bolts strongly.

2. Screw the fan with the installed coupling on a pump nave with 20 N.' effort of m, holding at the same time a nave.


Do not warp a nut. The nut has the left carving, roll to the left.

3. Establish the lower guard of a motive compartment.