3.6.4. Check of a compression

1. Remove an inlet collector.
2. Unscrew an electric wire (1) from the valve of interruption in supply of fuel on TNVD that fuel was not injected through nozzles into combustion chambers.
3. Unscrew pipelines of injection of cylinders 3 and 4 (2 average cylinders).


Collect the following fuel by a rag.

4. Remove all glow plugs.
5. Screw in компрессометр by means of a flexible connecting hose instead of candles. In the workshops OPEL KM-488 nozzle is for this purpose used.
6. Check a compression at starter speed within 4 seconds. The required value: 20 bars, pressure difference: max. 1,5 bars.
7. Insert injection pipelines, tighten with effort 20 N. of m.
8. Screw in glow plugs, tighten with effort 25 N. of m and connect electric wires.
9. Establish an inlet collector.
10. Connect a wire to the fuel interruption in supply valve.