ef5af8e6 Capital repairs of the engine - an alternative

At independent performance of capital repairs various options are possible. The decision on replacement of the block of cylinders, conrod and piston group and a bent shaft depends on a number of factors from which the most important is the condition of the block of cylinders. Other reasons are the repair cost, a possibility of access to the equipment of workshops of car service, existence of spare parts, time planned for work, and also personal experience.

Here some of options of performance of capital repairs:

 – the block of cylinders of an incomplete complete set (see subsection;
 – the repair engine (the block of cylinders of a full complete set) (see subsection

Carefully think over what of alternatives best of all suits you. Before purchase or before execution of the order for spare parts consult in a local workshop of car service, with suppliers of spare parts, and also with specialists in restoration of engines.