3.4.12. Piston rings

Correct arrangement of trailer gaps of piston rings

I. Compression rings

II. Side elements of an oil scraper ring


1. Before installation it is necessary to check trailer and side gaps of piston rings.
2. Install the top compression ring in the cylinder by means of the piston.
3. Measure a trailer gap of a ring by means of the probe. If a gap too small, replace piston rings or grind the ends of the available rings a small file. Be careful, piston rings sharp and easily break.
4. Carry out the similar procedure with all rings.
5. After check and adjustment of a trailer gap of a ring it is possible to install on pistons.
6. The oil scraper ring is established by the first. At first establish a broad ring in a flute, then establish the lower and top oil scraper rings.
7. After installation of all elements of an oil scraper ring check that the top and lower rings rotated freely.
8. Establish the second compression ring by a mark up.
9. Then establish the top compression ring.
10. By means of the probe measure gaps between rings and their flutes.