3.4.11. Radical bearings and bearings of rods

Marking of an insert of the radical bearing

Causes of wear of bearings

1. Decrease in strength of metal; fragmentary scratches
2. It is incorrectly put; bright (the polished strips)
3. It is scratched by dirt; dirt ate in a bearing poayerkhnost
4. Lack of oil; the top layer was wiped
5. Excessive wear; the top layer was wiped on all surface
6. The bearing is deformed; the top layer was wiped around

In spite of the fact that at an engine partition old inserts of bearings are replaced with new, it is necessary to examine old inserts carefully. Survey of an insert can establish the reason of its wear.

Damage of bearings happens because of a lack of lubricant, availability of dirt and other foreign debris, an overload of the engine and corrosion. Provide check and selection of inserts of bearings of a bent shaft to experts.