3.3.4. Covers of camshafts


1. Remove an inlet collector.
Right cover
2. Uncover spark plugs and disconnect wires of high voltage.
3. Unscrew bolts of a cover of camshafts.
4. Uncover also laying. If necessary replace laying.
Left cover
5. For the best access remove levers of screen wipers of a windshield and disconnect a plait of wires of the engine from a cover.
6. In the models equipped with the air conditioner unscrew the conditioner tube arm located in a forward part of a head of cylinders and shift a tube sideways.
7. Unbend the holder (it is specified by an arrow) a maslozalivny mouth.
8. Having turned a mouth counterclockwise, disconnect it from a cover.
9. Unscrew bolts and uncover.


Right cover
1. Carefully clean the joined surfaces of a cover and a head of cylinders. Establish new laying.
2. Establish new sealing rings.
3. Apply N15 03 295 sealant on a head surface around forward covers of bearings (are specified by shooters) camshafts.
4. Apply sealant in semicircular cuts (are specified by shooters) in a back part of a head.
5. Establish a cover, insert and tighten bolts. Establish the remained details.
Left cover
6. The left cover is established by similarly right.
7. Establish the remained details.