3.2.4. Cover of camshafts


1. Disconnect ventilating hoses from a cover of camshafts.
2. Unscrew bolts and uncover spark plugs (the drawing at the left), disconnect wires from candles (the drawing on the right).
3. Weaken a nut and uncover the holder a plait wires in the top part of a gas-distributing belt.
4. Disconnect a wire from the sensor of the camshaft and from a cover of camshafts.
5. Unscrew bolts of a cover of camshafts.
6. Uncover also laying, if necessary replace laying.


1. Carefully examine and clean the joined surfaces of a cover and a head of cylinders. Establish laying.
2. Apply N15 03 295 sealant on a surface of a head of cylinders around covers of forward bearings of camshafts and in semicircular cuts in a back part of a head.
3. Establish a cover, insert and tighten bolts.
4. Establish the remained details.