3.2.3. Top Dead Point (TDP) of the N1 piston

The highest point which is reached by the N1 piston at the time of a compression step is accepted to the top dead point.

The N1 piston is located in a forward part of the engine from a gas-distributing belt.

1. Disconnect a wire of the minus plug of the accumulator and, if necessary, unscrew spark plugs.
2. Remove an external cover of a gas-distributing belt.
3. Turn a bent shaft so that synchronizing tags (1) of asterisks of camshafts were directed up and combined with cuts in a cover of a gas-distributing belt, and the tag (2) on a pulley of a bent shaft was combined with the index. When tags are combined, the N1 piston is B BMT at the time of a compression step.