ef5af8e6 Engine oil and filter

Regular replacement of oil and oil filter is one of the most important operations for extension of service life of the car.


1. Warm up the engine. Remove a cap of a jellied mouth. Turn off a cap of a drain opening approximately half way. Install a container for collecting oil and completely unscrew a cap.
2. Wait until oil flows down, moving a container if it is necessary.
3. Wipe a cap and replace a sealing washer if it is necessary. Wipe area around a drain opening and twirl a cap till the required inhaling moment.
4. Install a container for collecting oil under an oil filter.
5. Using the tool for removal of an oil filter if it is necessary, weaken an inhaling of the filter and unscrew it a hand (in the drawing the arrangement of an oil filter on the 2,0 l engine is shown).
6. Clear a filter installation site. Oil a sealing ring of the new filter and install it on the engine. Reliably twirl the filter a hand.
7. Turn off a cap of a jellied mouth and fill in oil of the required type.
8. Start the engine and check whether there is no leak of oil around an oil filter and a cap of a drain opening.