14:23. System of airbags of safety

The module of the airbag of safety of the driver is installed as the standard equipment on all models. The module of the airbag of safety of the passenger and side safety cushions can be in addition installed.

For repair and diagnostics of these systems it is necessary to address experts.

Precautionary measures

If on the car the safety airbag is installed, it is necessary to observe the following precautionary measures:

  – before carrying out repair near the safety airbag previously deactivate the pillow module;
  – do not use the control and measuring equipment with own power supply for check of the airbag of safety;
  – do not drop the module of the airbag of safety and do not subject it to blows and temperatures above 90 °C;
  – in case of failure detection immediately address experts.

Deactivation of the airbag of safety

For deactivation of the airbag of safety disconnect a wire of the minus plug of the accumulator and wait at least 1 minute that safety airbag module condensers were discharged.

Deactivation of mechanical natyazhitel of seat belts

For blocking of a natyazhitel of a seat belt insert the blocking tool into the provided opening on a natyazhitel.