13:33. Dashboard


1. Remove a steering wheel, casings of a steering column, the lock of ignition and the combined switches.
2. Open a cover of the block of safety locks and disconnect a loop.
3. Get pins.
4. Uncover the block of safety locks.
5. Remove the right face panel of finishing.
6. Remove the switch of headlights of head light and remove a bulb of lighting of the panel of adjustment of temperature in salon.
7. Remove a ventilating grate.
8. Turn off fixing screws.
9. Remove the panel of finishing of the switch of headlights / lattice.
10. Turn off fixing screws.
11. Remove the right section of the dashboard.
12. Remove a glove compartment.
13. Remove the left face panel of finishing.
14. Get a cartridge with a lighting bulb.
15. Turn off fixing screws.
16. Remove a lattice.
17. Turn off fixing screws
18. Remove the left section of the dashboard.
19. Remove the module of the airbag of safety of the passenger.
20. Remove lattices.
21. Turn off fixing screws.
22. Remove the finishing panel.
23. Remove an instrument guard.
24. Remove the panel of adjustment of temperature in salon and the central console.
25. Disconnect air branch pipes from the dashboard.
26. Remove a plait of wires from fastening on dashboards behind the relay panel.
27. Shoot fixing clips with panels of adjustment of temperature in salon.
28. Remove handles.
29. Remove finishing panels from forward racks of a body.
30. Turn off fixing bolts and remove the dashboard.


Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal.