12.2. Rack of a forward suspension bracket


1. Remove the corresponding wheel.
2. Remove a brake support.
3. Remove a fixing clip.
4. Remove a hydraulic hose from an arm on a rack.
5. Remove the ABS sensor.
6. Turn off a fixing nut and disconnect the stabilizer of cross stability.
7. Mark the provision of installation of a rotary pin.
8. Turn off fixing bolts.
9. Remove fixing bolts and a pin.
10. Remove a cap.
11. Turn off the top fixing nut.
12. Remove a disk.
13. Hold a shock-absorber piston rod that it did not rotate.
14. Remove a rack from the car.


1. Install compressors on a spring.
2. Fix a shock-absorber rod.
3. Remove the bearing.
4. Remove a washer.
5. Remove the bearing.
6. Remove a washer.
7. Remove the top saddle of a spring, the top damper, an emphasis and a casing.
8. Remove a spring.
9. Clear all elements and examine them on existence of wear or damages. Replace the failed elements.
10. Check operation of the shock-absorber.
11. Assembly of elements of a rack is carried out upside-down.
12. Establish a rubber damper on the lower saddle of a spring.
13. Establish a spring on the lower saddle.
14. Establish a rubber damper on the top saddle of a spring.


Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal.