1.14. Lubricants and liquids

All-weather engine oil, viscosity of SAE 10W/40-15W/50, the API SG/CD or SH/CD standard (Engine oil for petrol Duckhams QXR Premium or Duckhams Hypergrade engines)
Cooling system
Antifreeze on the basis of ethylene glycol (Antifreeze and Duckhams cooling liquid)
Mechanical transmission:
  – models till 1999 of release:
     • models with serial number to JP3097A01361659 *
Opel 19 40 704 gearbox oil
     • models with serial number after JP3097A01361659 *
Opel 19 40 764 gearbox oil
  – models since 1999 of release
Opel 19 40 768 gearbox oil
Automatic transmission
Liquid of the automatic Opel 19 40 768 transmission (Duckhams ATF Autotrans III)
Main transfer
Brake system and system of the drive of switching off of coupling
Hydraulic DOT4 liquid (Universal hydraulic Duckhams liquid)
System of the hydraulic booster of steering
Hydraulic Opel 19 40 700 liquid

* Identification number is specified on a transmission casing.